Reflections on a One Year Anniversary

On xM at work:

It’s now been a full year since the last time (July 14 2021) I expressed male during the work day.

I come and go xM, but it’s now my routine to spend a few minutes upon arrivel to “get ready” for my day. I’m very proud of who I am and what I do for my county.

On posting pictures and social media:

I’ve said in the past that I’ve found now that I don’t “need” to add blog posts as frequently as I did in the beginning, that as I can now express myself more freely, that other outlet is not so much required. I’ve now found that to be true for taking and posting photos.

While there are times I’ll post pictures from special happenings and events (see Flickr feed on the side) there have been so many more occasions I’ve just not thought about it. Again, the need to “be out” via social media has been replaced by the fact I’m out in the real world as myself daily. I don’t know if others have experienced this phenomena for themselves.

In the past I would often take a picture or two every time I would xF, but now I don’t. Just like I don’t take a picture of what I’m wearing when I xM. Getting dressed and ready for whatever, xF or xM, is just part of my life now. And I enjoy it; living in the moment.

On accomplishments:

Visible. Educating. Flag raisings. Socializing. Attending conferences. Pride events. Representing the Canadian Armed Forces, the RCAF and my local Wing. Even the chance to fly again. All done with a high degree of confidence that I never used to have. Life is good and can only get better.

I don’t know when I’ll post next, but you can always look in from time-to-time on the Flickr feed for the odd photo update. Thanks to those who still stumble upon this blog. I truly hope there is some small inkling of help that you can take away for my experiences and rambling thoughts.

Happy Pride season! Be true to yourself!


  1. Jocelyn Johnson

    Thank you for your blog and Flickr pictures. Reading them and seeing the pictures help me to know how my friend is doing. And you are “doing” fantastic.

    I have also thought about minimizing any pictures of my outings. It is just me out and about doing things any woman might do. I don’t need “proof” pictures. But, I will continue to take the occasional pic for personal enjoyment and sharing with friends.

    Keep up your great work with the CAF. Be safe and happy.


  2. Hi Michelle, I am Stephie. Although, have been Stephie since November 2018, and went full-time since January 2020, it appears that we have somewhat of similar track, although I still blog a lot, it is now mainly a philosophic manner. I do post about special times, and what really struck me is we have both stop posting pics as we once did.

    I am glad to see another transgender or non-binary person find themselves as I did. It ain’t easy, but we did it. I hope to read some of your other posts in the future.

    All the best,

  3. Piyash

    Hey. Sounds good. Best of luck.

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