It was hidden in plain sight.

Although this will not be an in-depth post, I thought I should do a short update anyways.

Why did I choose the “themichelleinme” as the name for my blog? Why have I said so many times “I what to explore the woman in me” or “I’ve learned more about this part of me”? Or “I just want to express this part of me in normal/everyday activities”? (If you read back through my posts you may start to see all the hints)

Its because I’m Bigender! There has always been a female gender looking out from my male frame. Born and assigned male, raised and conditioned to be male, always suppressing that part of me that didn’t fit the expectations of those around me. Until recently, it was only when I was alone that I could “allow” that part of me to be free. But I’m also still very happy with my male expression.

Fortunately, in recent years I have become less fearful of letting me express both genders that make me who I am. I’m able to, without shame, express female at work and with friends out and about in the local area. I’m fortunate that I have some control over when I express M or F, to best fit my personal schedule or in showing support for the greater LGBTQ2+ community (both within the Canadian Armed Forces and in the general public), through education and visibility.

This is who I am and Michelle has always been in me.


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