Finally, coffee with Jessica!

Well ok, not quite with Jessica per say, but her male side.

I’ve chatted with Jessica many times online, but despite living only a couple kilometres apart, it’s been a tough task to arrange a meet up. Unable to dress enfem, we arranged to meet as a couple of guys at a coffee shop one town down the road. We grabbed our coffee, sat down and chatted. Now I’ve met guy mode Jessica once before, very very briefly and even worked in the same building a number of years back, but this was the first time we’ve ever talked. What I found really interesting about this meeting was, that for over half an hour we talked about many things; family, health, jobs, winemaking….a bunch of guy stuff, and found we had a far bit in common. But not a single word about our “interesting” activity until we were standing in the parking lot next to our cars and then that only lasted about 5 minutes. It reinforced the idea that we are really just regular guys! Just that, among other things, we have this unique interest in women’s clothes.

Jessica’s is very much in the closet but is able to dress when his wife is out of town on business. I don’t know if we will ever be able to co-ordinate a girls get-together, but there is always hope.

In the meantime I managed to dress for a couple of hours mid-November. December has so far been very busy and I don’t anticipate any girl time until January.

As it’s the beginning of the holiday season, I’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



  1. I hope you get to meet up in girl mode, I regularly have coffee outings (lunch yesterday) with my girlfriend

  2. Trish/Lisa

    So we really are interested in meeting other crossdressers and particularly cd couples……but…..she/ we have not come out yet. And maybe never will…..would you Michelle or anyone else like to meet up……it all has to be confidential though……feel free to email me

  3. Hi Michelle, Hope all is peaceful on the home front and you are well. I read a quote in Peter Wherrit’s book, Gender trap that described Crossdressing as an absolute delight and utter torment. Still, what can a girl do?
    Let’s hope for more delight, less torment.
    Kind regards,

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