Time For a Quick Update

Well hello everyone. Yes I know it’s been a while, so I thought I’d post something to let you know I’m well, though I’ve been in one of those “down time” periods. That is to say, I haven’t done any dressing, haven’t talk about it, not even looked much at any of my online pages. Generally, just haven’t had any interest in crossdressing whatsoever. So, that pretty much answers my question I asked myself at the beginning of the year, if I would dress more now that I am home and not working overseas….nope!

All that is starting to change as the seasons change. There is though one thing I have been able to continue to do all summer, that is keep my arms hair free, felt good and nobody has ever questioned it  and my leg hair I kept trimmed. Again nothing said, not even from my wife.

And then there was today Sunday 4th Oct. My wife and the three oldest kids are spending the night over on the South Shore of Nova Scotia to celebrate her dad’s 75th birthday while he visits from Ottawa. I had to stay home as my youngest has a dance rehearsal late into the evening, but we will join the rest of the family first thing in the morning. That gave me a chance during the afternoon to practice some make-up application and quickly dress casually, leggings and low cut t-shirt. I then asked my daughter, who had only seen a couple of pics on my phone, if it would be ok for me to show her how I looked. She liked my look, wasn’t repulsed, said I could pass and that was it. I did say “I suppose I should go change before we go out to grab supper and take you to dance?” She just snorted and went back to her iPod. Of course I secretly wanted to do all that enfemme, but I knew my make-up wasn’t perfect and also I wouldn’t thrust something like that on her without first having discussed and planned on something like that.

One final though for this post; I’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of positive “news” items covering everything from crossdresser to trans women. Even this evening, while I type this blog as I wait in the van for my daughter, listening to CBC radio, there is a program on about a successful business man who’s alter ego happens to be a rock and roll drag queen.

I’m still hopeful I’ll be able to get out to any sort of get together, sometime. That’s it for now folks.


I’m still hopeful I’ll be able to get out to any sort of get together, sometime.



  1. Elizabeth

    Glad you’ve had a great summer of just being yourself. Let us know if you’d like to go out sometime or meet any of the group.

    • I’d love to get together with the group, Elizabeth. But you know I’m just waiting for the right timing/opportunity.

  2. Hi Michelle. Nice to know you are still around. I am thinking of you from time to time and wondering what you are up to.

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