Dressing for the Victoria Day Long weekend

WOW! Well, where to start. So many thoughts spinning around in my head. It will take a bit to come down from this weekend’s high. Well, let’s get this post started….

I had hoped to report on my experiences attending a cd/tv meeting, but due to a conflicting family activity, I was unable to attend the one April. Instead I listened to my youngest daughter sing with her chore at a local competition. She knew I had planned on attending the meeting and afterwards had told me it was too bad I had had to miss it, because they only got a silver award (they have always received gold in the past) and that they hadn’t sung very well and I could have missed it, for what it was worth.

The BIG news I have, is that I have made contact and have met with another local CD’er!

It all started with some posts and messaging back and forth on Crossdressers.com, with the wife (Elizabeth) of this

Cd’er (Rachael) who was looking for advice for her husband and wondering if there were any other wives or Cd’ers in the Maritimes.  There where then a series of emails and eventually a meeting was arranged.

This past weekend was the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada. My weekend actually lasted Thu May 14 to Sun May 18 2015. My youngest daughter had a dance competition in a city 4 hrs away. My wife, eldest daughter and boyfriend, and the dancer herself, would be gone for 5 whole days.  Elizabeth and I eventually agreed to meet late morning on Thursday at a local park that provided some safety in that it is public, but also offers some privacy at picnic tables so we could talk. The gang left early, soon after I had dropped #3 at the barn to go to a horse show, and #2 departed for school soon after. I did my best “dress to blend” by wearing black leggings, runners and borrowed my eldest daughters Bench jacket.  I had thought I may be nervous, but I actually was feeling quit confident, to a degree. Well, we hit it off fantastically. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was having a blast being dresses out in public. I had brought with me some bags of used clothing to be dropped off at a local Salvation Army, and at Elizabeth’s insistence, (I was thinking of backing out) on the way home I stopped by the store and went in with the bags and left them at the back room (as I have done may times in guy mode). The store was not very busy, but nobody said or paid any attention to me….yes, felt very happy.

Now that the kids know, (and I have talked with them quite a bit, I even told them about the planned meeting with Elizabeth) and the opportunity was there, I decided I was going to stay dressed as long as possible, even with the two boys at home.

With the exception of a couple of “guy breaks” Thursday night to Friday morning (had to pick-up #3 when he got back to the barn and take him back early the next morning for day two), Saturday morning for some shopping and late Sunday to go for ice cream with the boys and pick-up something at Elizabeth’s and Rachael’s place, I spent the remaining time dressed enfem. The boys had no problem seeing me displaying this side of me. There was no change in their attitude or how they talked to me, I was still the same person, just presenting differently.

I worked around the yard all day Friday as Michelle and actually ended up with some redness (not sunburn though) on my legs all the way up to places that don’t normally see the sun as I was wearing a pair of short shorts. It was also during this time, that Elizabeth and Rachael where able to come visit me Saturday evening (again I made sure this was ok with the boys before planning such an event, they just went about their own business). This was the first time I got to meet Rachael and again, we had a great time. Talked a lot about pretty much everything, not just about crossdressing. I have no idea how long we talked, but we had to move inside as as the sun got low, the temperature started to drop and the bugs came out. The interesting thing is that we have some similar interests outside of the cd’ing thing. Hey, wouldn’t you know it, we are just average people…lol.

Some of the other activates I managed to do enfem during these fantastic four days was; taking a dip in the pool, biking in the driveway, mowed some of the lawn, and of course, took lots and lots of pictures, many of which are, or will be, posted on my flickr page.

Monday, despite being Victoria Day and the last day without the gang, I did not dress as there was just too much work to get done. Also, after having had 4 close shaves, 4 days in a row, I thought my face needed a break, though I was very surprised that it had not rebelled anytime during the weekend.

I came out of this weekend with a number of mixed feelings and yet more questions that I believe only I can answer (any input greatly appreciated). I noticed that the longer I was dressed, the more at ease I was. The typical thrill that I used to experience involved a degree of “physical” arousal. That has changed. It is more of a total body experience or feeling. I know others have mentioned the loss of arousal (possibly due to age or …?), but I found by day 4, I was very comfortable being fully dressed and fully engrossed in “crossplaying” the role of a woman. As you may know, when I dress, I have to be as womanly as possible, that includes tucking and padding. I was feeling very good about not have certain parts visible. I felt different, comfortable even when I sat, walked, lay down. It felt nice to not have “it” in the way. That being said, I still very much enjoy being a guy, just that, I also enjoy appearing as a woman from time to time. I know something has changed in my thinking and/or perception of myself. I just can’t put my finger on it. Not yet.

And for those wondering…no, I haven’t told my wife about meeting Elizabeth or Rachael….gasp….I know, I know, that’s not good of me. I should have learned my lesson from the last incident.

In the meantime, I’m again hoping to get to this month’s club meeting…..hopefully.

Sorry if I got rambling a bit, I just let it flow out of me.

Stay tuned folks.



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