O spring, spring, wherefore art thou spring?

That is what us snow weary Maritimers are wondering. (Canadian Maritimes consists of the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, end geography lesson). In my part of Nova Scotia, we have received over 400cm of snow this winter, and now, Easter weekend we are expecting another  5cm or more!! Most of the snow is usually gone by now….not this year. L

So enough of the gloominess, on to better things.

At the beginning of March, with some spending money in my pocket and some spare time to kill on Friday th 6th, I walked into Payless shoes in New Minus and bought myself some new heels. I had previously been there the week before at the same time and saw that it was very quiet at that time of the early evening. When I entered I noted the two female employees and that I was the only customer. One lady asked if she could help and I replied “just looking”. About two or three minutes later, as I was standing looking at women’s shoes, she asked again if there was any particular size I was looking for….and I just went for it. “Hope not to freak you out or anything, but I’m looking for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve bought heals and I don’t know my size exactly, I have worn 9, 9 ½, 9 wide….” And without hesitation she says, “well, it all depends on the brand. Are you looking for round or pointed toe?”  She was exceptionally nice, very helpful and I got what I was looking for. Tried on a couple of different sizes….yes, I’m in drab…lol, must have looked a bit strange. I said “you probably don’t have many guys buying shoes for themselves…haha” and she say “well there is this one guy we are pretty sure is, strange that his wife has exactly the same size feet as him and he’s never brought anything back, lol”. At the sales counter she said if there were any problems with them I could return them at any time and that they may stretch some. After having worn them at thome for about an hour and a half, I realized they were indeed a bit too big (size 10), and went back to the store the following week and exchanged them for a 9 ½. Different sales girl, very quick and simple exchange. All in all, a great place to shop, great experience.

On the 10th of March opportunity presented itself to dress, so I took it. It was during the obligatory photo shoot that I decided to try taking a video and practice my speaking. Originally I intended this to be only for myself, but eventually decided that I would post it on my flickr page. My very first video!

A small breakthrough of sorts

Well, on the 20th, I talked to my wife and got the OK to attend this month local (relatively speaking) CD/TV club meeting on the 25th in the city. It was a bit awkward. I asked her what she thought the chances where of me being able to get together with some like minded individuals. She asked where and wanted to know why this was coming up now. I told her it’s been with me for years but only now can I act on these……feelings, thoughts (urges even?). I can’t really explain them or know what to call them. I had mixed feelings then….excited but also apprehension as to how she is taking this. She was silent for a bit and then said “do whatever”, which we all know can mean a number of things. She didn’t ask how I would be dressed or when I would be leaving the house, I’d planned to just roll with that when the day came. I had already told the kids they may have to remain on their rooms while I get ready and depart, as I didn’t think their mom would want them to see me. The kids, by the way, are ok with this.

However, Mother Nature had other plans and us poor Nova Scotians got dumped on again! Second storm in three days, on top of the multitude of Nor’easter we have endured this winter, so no trip into the city. The next one is now scheduled for the 28th. I will, in the next couple of weeks, be asking again, as I don’t just want to do something that might really upset her.

Wow, another chance to dress

This time, after having watch my daughter dance at a local dance competition, I found myself alone at home on the 28th. The boys where out at their girlfriends houses and my wife and dancing daughter still in the city at the competition. I came across some dance outfits from the previous year and just had to try them on. These things are stretchy and my daughter is now only a few inches shorter than me….love the look and fit

A surprise

On the morning of the 29th, I stepped on the bathroom scales and could hardly believe what I saw…..149.8 lbs! First time I’ve weighed less than 150 in over a dozen years (historically been 160 to 165). Sorry if I offend anybody with this next statement, but I am not on any weight loss diet and hardly exercise. This was mostly due to eating less now that I’m home and not eating three hot prepared meals a day (when I was working overseas). What other way to celebrate than to dress and take some pictures of course! However, due to time constraints, I did a few things I don’t normally do, ie.  no make-up, no wig and just took selfies in the mirror

And yet again

For April First, I dressed again. This time, after breakfast, I just went upstairs, applied make-up (I’d shaved  earlier),  dressed and came down for coffee with my wife. I had on an old summer dress, dug out of the back of the closet and said to her “this makes me look like I should be going to a womens church group meeting”, to which she replied, “yes, but why would you even want to wear that old thing, it has to go”. I went and changed into something a bit more casual to do a fer chores and she didn’t say much at all reference the way I was dresses (another small breakthrough maybe, plus I didn’t feel so awkward in front to her). I also did some exercise consisting of stretches and abdominal work.

I don’t know when the next dressing opportunity will be but wow, what an awesome few weeks I had.

‘Til next time.



  1. Michelle:
    Love your latest video where you try to use your hands more!
    Your voice is very sweet – except when, you know! Haha!
    Also, your outfit is very nice – it’s a good colour and pattern combination.
    How is your wife dealing with it, overall? Has she seen this video?

  2. Thanks LJas.
    As far as my wife goes, as I have said, she accepts but says she doesn’t get it. And I usually don’t dress around her, and that is something she has told me I have to get over, not to be embarrassed to dress in front of her. She has not seen the video or viewed my Flickr page, as far as I know.

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