It’s been awhile

Nothing earth shattering this entry, sorry folks.

My return home, Christmas and New Years have passed.

I have started to work on the “to do” list while I have this spare time on my hands. That and the many family activities over the holidays along with no real desire to crossdress, had kept my girl clothes in the closet/box…. until recently.

As I said last time, my wife had stated that I didn’t need to ask when I wanted to dress. So I put that to the test last week.

After all the kids where off to school and breakfast cleaned up, I disappeared into the bathroom and “got ready”. My wife may have suspected something as I was gone for an extended time, plus the water running while I shaved. When I can down stair, before she saw me I did state “I’ve dressed casual for the day, hope you don’t mind?” I came around the corner and she just gave me a casual glance and went about her business.

I did a number of my own tasks around the house before returning upstairs and going through my closet to find out what still fit me and what needed to go. To my surprise, since returning home I have lost weight and inches around my waist (not faced with three steam line meals a day and desert…lol). Clothes fit much better! I partook in the obligatory photo shoot to update my album, but there was a slight camera malfunction so only some turned out well enough to post over on my flickr page.

I did ask my wife which looked better, the long blond or the shorter brunette wig. I stated that I thought the blond made me look older and she agreed. It may not look it in photos, but in person or the mirror, it really does, so I’ll be sticking with the darker hair.



  1. Michelle: It’s good to read that you’re starting back to wearing girl clothes to be comfortable in. Dressing “casual” is much better than not at all! We’re thinking of you!

  2. Geraldine O'Brien

    Hi Michelle, I have just finished scrolling through your pictures. You are very photogenic. But probably more importantly, very feminine, very convincing.
    May I make comment in particular on your first video. Your voice is exceptionally convincing. There is a (probably) slight nervous upward inflection at the end of your sentences. This is said to be common of women (at least in my neck of the woods – Australia.) I say this as a compliment because while it is something women may want to correct to show they are confident etc, it gives you a very credible womanly voice. It is also soft and breathy enough to easily pass. I am not a professional speech therapist but I know when I hear a woman.

    Thank you for all the time you put into your site. I appreciate it as it means being able to visit a kindred spirit and to so many dressers, there are no others in our personal lives to mix with. As someone who likes to dress but rarely does, and who has come out to my wife and adult children, I understand what coming out to children is like. Not easy but hopefully they will see this openness as one more way we assure them of our love for them, regardless of whether they ever get their heads around having a father who builds, loves woodworking machinery, fixes cars and needs to look glamorous in heels, short skirts and very high heels.
    I will continue to visit your site and look forward to a string of Michelle videos. Go girl!
    Kind regards,
    Geraldine O’Brien

    • Thank you Geraldine for your lovely comments. It may be some time for my next entry or video, but stay tuned, I will try my best. 🙂 M.

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