Fun times with some disappointments

First off, sorry if the title leads you into believing I’m going to talk about some fun times I had while crossdressed.  After all, that is what the blog is about. Right? Well most of the time it is and I will get around to touching upon the issue. I guess that could be considered the first disappointment in this post.

The month of April saw my last “real” trip home (next trip will be to attend my daughters high school grad, then right back to work to close-up shop). Though it was a week shorter than normal and packed with pre-programmed activities, I saw a couple of opportunities that may allow for some Michelle time. I again had taken care of my nails and they were looking very nice.  Soon after arriving home, I realized that those opportunities had diminished to maybe one chance closer to the end of my visit (disappointment 1). “Oh well” I thought, “continue on with other things”.

The weather finally smartened-up some and allowed me to get outside and do some spring clean-up. While on a wander around my property with my youngest son, we came across some lumber hiding in some long grass. As I picked up the boards to move then to a safer place, I lost my grip on the wet surface…..*&^%! Two of my long fingernails on my right hand where gone and one was just hanging there (2). Oh well…easy come, easy go. As soon as I got back to the house I trimmed the remaining nails.

It’s become a bit of a tradition for my son’s and I to go on a three “boys fishing trip” at this time of year. Last year when we showed up at the cabins, we were told we were about two weeks too late for the big fish. So this year of course we went two weeks earlier…to find out the due to the late spring snow storm, fast melt and run-off along with rain the previous week, the river was swallen. It was over two feet higher than normal, flowing fast and very cold. The fish were not interested in taking our bait. Not a single nibble (3). But we still had fun canoeing the river and lake, hiking through the woods and playing tennis and basketball on a mostly flooded court…lol.

I also had fun expanding what should have been a simple project. My wife had requested some proper steps (3 treads) down from the deck to the grass, but I got a bit carried away. The project quickly expanded to include leveling the ground and laying a 10’x12’ patio (with 2’x2’ unused blocks) a raised fire pit and leveling the ground around that for seating. Not bad for a couple days work.

Also fun was watching my youngest daughter do what she loves the most …… dance! A five day dance competition in which she was involved in 13 dances. Love watching the passion she has for this art, she never holds back.

There was one final chance I may have had to dress, right before departing, but we had to go visit the bank to sort some stuff out (4). Oh well.

As I have stated before, for me, there is more to life and happiness than crossdressing alone. Yes I was somewhat disappointed that I was not able to get Michelle out of her cardboard box, but, as always, I had fun being with the family, doing regular guy stuff, being a dad.

As summer approaches, as does the end of my overseas employment, the next opportunity to dress will more than likely not be until the fall. Again, too much other fun stuff to do in the meantime.


A couple of parting thoughts

Crossdressing, both the act and thought there of, still raise conflicting emotions in me. I had set out with the purpose of this blog to see if I could find an answer to the question “why”, but, like so many others, have not been able to find it. Instead, I have come to understand crossdressing and the role it plays in my life.

I still have a twinge of envy as I read other blogs of those who go out on a regular basis, meet-up with others, go to conventions and other fun outings. I don’t know if I will ever get a chance to do any of these. That silly though of “maybe I should stop” pops up once in a while….lol, right, like that’s going to happen. When I get the chance to dress, it just feels so good, so fun and I want to do it more. I’m disappointed that I don’t get to dress due to another activity, but that soon passes as I get involved with something else. I’m envious of those who look feminine and can “pass” (though maybe I shouldn’t be?) I would love to be hair free, but for family reasons, that occurs rarely.

I don’t yet know what the future holds for this blog. I have enjoyed writing my thoughts down and I hope you have enjoyed reading them. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if you have. Despite having over 2700 visitors in the last seven months ( I know mine is just a little blog), I’ve only had one comment (ok, ok, I`m as guilty as many others are of just reading and not commenting on posts). I would love some constructive criticism. If you don`t want to leave something public, drop me a line at

Some of this was just me rambling (sorry), but as promised, I did eventually get around to some crossdressing issues, right?


Have fun with your dressing





  1. Oh, please keep blogging! You are an inspiration. I can relate to your situation and I am sure that many other “lurkers” feel the same way! Your photos are great; you are very pretty as Michelle. I wish! I also have very few opportunities to dress, and your struggles are very familiar to me.

  2. Thank you for your comment LJas. Even one small comment like this will keep the flame flickering and brings a smile to my face. 🙂

  3. Hi Michelle.

    Don’t be disheartened. I get about 1 comment per thousand visitors. If you want more comments, you need to have more activity on your blog!


  4. I always try to leave my posts off with a question for the reader to answer. And I make sure that the comment box is easy to find, I even adjusted my blog layout so people would have to click on the link to read it making the comment box more noticable.
    As for the reason why we do what we do? I have been working on that for sometime myself and have yet to find an answer that satisfies and the blog post I have been working on titled Why we do what we do sits there impossible to complete. But that was always my secondary reason and as you have said the role it plays in our lives and how to conteculise it makes all of the difference.

  5. Thanks Jess. I’m currently re-reading my entire blog as your entry “Not Him, Not her, just me” has me now questioning myself….thanks…lol. I may play around with the blog, but for now, I’ll be happy with what I have.

  6. Michelle, I’m just now catching up on your blog after a long absence. Your comment about regrets leaving Michelle in her cardboard box while you spent family time struck a chord with me. The short version is: You made the right decision!

    Now for the long version. Between having an understanding (if not overly enthusiastic) wife and an employer who lets me work from home, I get to stay dressed, albeit behind closed curtains indoors, just about 24×7. I only throw on my “man clothes” when I have to go to church or the store in town. Also, at my wife’s request, whenever the children are over visiting even though they know about my odd clothing choices. And for my own safety, any time ANYONE else is over visiting.

    So anyway, I relish spending every moment in my favorite dress or skirt. But as I mentioned, my wife has always requested that I don’t dress in front of the children. Since this is her one and only restriction, I have faithfully abided by that request for over 20 years.

    When the children were small, they stayed in the house nearly all day every day with us — first because they were too young for school, and later because we decided to homeschool them. They rarely ventured into our bedroom, though, where I had my office so I was still able to stay dressed most of the time while I worked. I had a good feel for their habits, and took advantage of times I knew they were asleep or out playing to go out into the kitchen to get a meal, or watch TV, when I knew I had the house to myself.

    What does this have to do with the topic I started at the beginning of this long story? Two things, which 20 years later I still kick myself over:
    1) A few times, my son surprised my by wandering out of his room when he was supposed to be sleeping or doing schoolwork. In my embarrassment I blew up at him, screaming like he had just committed murder. I literally weep when I replay those scenes in my mind.
    2) Although I did try to set aside time on the weekends to play with my children or watch them play in team sports, more often than not I found excuses not to… because doing so meant having to put on my jeans and t-shirt. I was so caught up in the pleasure of wearing my favorite clothes that I let it take priority over time I should have spent with my children.

    We will have an entire lifetime to dress as we please in privacy. The time we have to share with our children before the leave home is extremely limited, and when it’s gone it will be gone forever.

    My children, now in their 20s, have a fairly good relationship with me. My son has gotten over the understandable hatred and resentment he felt in his teens and is now quite sociable and shares his life with me — you can bet I drop EVERYTHING whenever he wants to talk or come visit! My daughter still lives in a shell, all too accurately imitating my hermit lifestyle. I wish I could help her improve her social life, but that would fall under “do as I say, not as I do.”

    Look upon my parenting failures with horror and learn from my mistakes, ye men who still have children at home with you.

    Hmmmm. This is important enough to bear repeating. I’m going to plagiarize myself and repost it on my own blog 🙂

  7. barrbara57

    Hi Michelle, I am one of the many who enjoy your blog but don’t leave a comment. The reality is that my opportunities for engagement with the online community as well as for dressing is rather limited and episodic. I therefore often read my favourite blogs well after blogs (and comments) have been posted, so any comment I might make seems a bit redundant. That being said, what you have written of your history and the tensions that you manage in your day to day life resonates with me. I appreciate the fact that you integrate the other parts of your life into your blog, keeping it very real. I also like your pics! The time sequence that you have is just fantastic.
    All the best, Barbara

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