Something off topic and a quickie (dressing session that is)

Off Topic

So, as many of you may know if you have read any of my past posts, I am an overseas contract worker. Prior to this, I was in the Canadian military. From the beginning of 2009 until present, coming up on 5 ½ years, I have spent more than 2/3’s of my time away from home (training, exercises, deployment, then my current jobs’ cycle). Away from friends and community. Away from my wife and family. When this job comes to an end, scheduled mid-year, I really just want to stay home and go nowhere for some time.

Last time I was home in February was the first time I experienced the feeling of not belonging. For those of you who have done long military deployments, one of your return home briefings covers re-integration with the family. But this back and forth to work is something else; I’m home for a bit, then gone for a while, pop back home for “a visit”, and then gone again. The kids have grown so much in these past years and I feel bad about missing them. I’m on the other side of the world and unable to help when problems arise (skype only goes so far). And, as I said, this last time I felt I was more of a hindrance than a help.

Granted, I had no major projects to undertake or places to go. The Olympics where on (Hockey Gold X 2…yay!), so spent a lot of time in front of the big-screen TV drinking coffee. There where also a few kids activities to watch, all making for a more relaxed time. I tried to let my wife enjoy some much deserved sleep-ins by getting the two younger kids off to school, but I had a hard time doing things right. I didn’t know what they liked for their lunches anymore or I was helping them too much, or rushing them….sigh. The family has established a “fatherless” routine and I don’t know how to take that.

It was a family decision to take this job (short term pain for long term gain), but I do look forward to a more “normal” future and it may take a while to re-integrate into the household.


And now for the Quickie.

Due to some changes in my schedule, time at home and at work has changed a little bit. I was only home for just under three weeks and time was short. I didn’t think there would be any time for Michelle until just days before my departure my wife headed out in the morning to go visit here mom in a nearby town. That would give me until 2 in the afternoon to dress, about 4 hrs.

Since December, I had managed to remain pretty much hair free. I had purchased nail polish at the duty free during the first en-route stop and applied it to my toe nails in my hotel room. So legs and feet where already taken care of. I had also been able to regrow my finger nails and they were ready for polish.

I shaved, had just finished doing my nails and starting to apply makeup, when I got a text from my wife stating that my eldest daughter had a spare period at school and wanted to be picked up at noon. Oh well, sigh, that gave me only about an hour and a half. “I’ve come this far, might as well enjoy what I can”.

I had wanted to try dong some guy/girl side by side photos. I’d already take a few guy pic’s and was now under time constraints to finish. So things got rushed. I didn’t notice that my part in my wig was on the wrong side (I prefer it on the left). I forgot the belt I usually wear with the grey skirt. I didn’t have my glasses handy to review the pictures I was taking…oh well.

There were a couple of pictures that worked. These and a few pictures I found in some long forgotten photo envelops (taken before I got my first digital camera) will be posted on flickr.

So, after a whirlwind photo session (only had time to dress in one outfit), all make-up and nail polish removed, it was off to pick-up my daughter.

Later I trimmed my fingernails to something more manly; felt strange to cut then but needed to be done.

My next “visit” home will also be shorter than usual. It will be full of kids activities to attend and a boys fishing trip; all of which I look forward to. And possibly, an hour or two for Michelle?  We’ll see.

A quickly slapped together side-by-side.

Myself and I




  1. Hi Michelle,
    Lovely to see you back. Your legs look fantastic.

    I am sorry to hear about how your family has adapted to a “fatherless” routine, and I can imagine how painful for you this must be. I hope that once your overseas job is finished, you and they can get to know each other again.

    Best wishes,


    • Sorry for the late reply Vivienne. Thanks for the comment.
      As it now stands, the job has been extended until at least the end of the year. Well at least I still have a job and the company has given us extra time at home during our rotations.

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