Two Year Anniversary

Deep thoughts

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been two years since I first sat down at my computer and took that bold step of entering the world of blogging. Two years of continued overseas employment, finding me yet again away from family at this time of your. Two years of expressing myself in writing. Letting things out, lifting a weight off my chest. Being able to share ideas and thoughts with others on this crazy thing (hobby) we call crossdressing. Until this breakthrough, I’d never been able to converse with anybody else with similar interests. Two years of reading others blogs and discovering the diversity of our community. For me, this has been an enlightening experience. I/we are truly “not alone”, despite the isolation (physical location or psychologically) we may find ourselves in.

On a personal level, I seem to have come to be more accepting of myself as a crossdresser. Yes, I would love to be able to dress and go out more often, but, and I’ll state this again, crossdressing is only a small part of my life. There are many other things I love to do and a loving family to do them with. I will take those dressing opportunities as they come and relish every minute I am dressed.

I have often thought, if I had found myself in a different employment situation (which almost happened), that had me living away for the family in a large city that had support groups and a seemingly larger population of crossdressers, would I have been dressing more frequently? I suspect I would have. But how might this have change my approach or thinking of crossdressing? It might have become a regular occurrence. Would it have changed my as a person?

Well, no use dwelling on these questions as it didn’t happen. This is the now. It is what it is.

Recent happenings

Through one of my infrequent internet haunts, CD’ing .com, I can upon some more “local” contacts. Through them I ended up re-starting my FB page and finding a number of girls, including one who is very local. We have attempted to get together a couple of times, but have yet to be successful. Hoping 2014 provides the opportunity to eventually meet her and others.

Prior to my returning home for my latest time off, I had pampered my finger nails, had taken really good care of them again, in hopes of repeating my last successful attempt. ImageThey were looking pretty decent until an impromptu kitchen reno took care of that. Moving cabinets, re-routing power cables took its toll on my nails. Ended up breaking or ripping almost all of them and with no thought towards treating them with care, I found myself reverting back to an old habit of chewing them…ugh. So now, back at work for the next seven weeks, I can again pay them the attention they

Once the reno was complete (well almost, a few things left to do for next time) there where only a few days left before my departure. The opportunity to dress occurred Friday morning. I asked my wife if I could dress for a few hours, “sure”, so out came “the box of Michelle”, or should that read “out of the box came Michelle”?…lol. Anyway, shortly thereafter my wife left to go shopping and I had the house to myself for those precious few hours.

I haven’t bought any new clothes in years, so it was back to the tried and trusted outfits, but this time with the new dark wig acquired last winter. In hopes of this opportunity, I had shaved my legs and painted my toe nails the previous week, but was starting to wonder if that was as girly as I would get. Fortunately not.Image

From the back of the closet I pulled out the long blue dress my wife had made me many years ago. I wondered if I could still fit into it. It’s been a while and needs some repairing and I know for a fact that I have put on a couple of pounds.Image (At home I’m usually too busy to eat. Breakfast and lunch get in the way of building/fixing things and then supper is of a descent size or something grabbed while going to or returning from some kids activities. At work, one is faced three times a day with a hot food line and servers that understand “a little beacon please” to mean a heaping plateful for a family of three not a family of four. So it takes a lot of self-discipline to not overeat. And of course there is always desert. No, not today!!) Anyway, getting back to the story, yes, I just managed to get into it, but I need to watch what I eat and keep up with the exercise I am able to do here.

All too soon, it was time to put things away. February is the next window of opportunity for Michelle to be dressed, but I’m always somewhere online.

I shall also take this opportunity now to wish all “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

Thanks for dropping by.


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