Friday of that unforgettable week in January would be the last opportunity for me to dress for some time, but I didn’t.

Instead, I took the opportunity to meet another CD’er, a first for me.(Although I had made mention in a past post about meeting another CD’er during a road trip, that was a very brief and casual encounter, this would be an arranged rendezvous.)

Back in September, in my expanding search for knowledge and understanding of my CD hobby, I joined Crossdressers.Com. It was here that I finally made contact with a couple of “local” (relatively speaking) CD’ers, one of whom resides in my neck of the woods (and this just sprung to mind as I wrote that last line…..I’m a lumberjack and that’s ok, I sleep all night and I work all day…and we know how the rest of that goes, lol.)

Never mind that, anyway, we exchanged a few emails and Michelle (her, not me, yes, another Michelle) wondered if I would be interested in possibly getting together at some point, either enfem or drab. I definitely wanted to meet, but was unsure in which mode to do so.

Once I was home on my time off and my calendar of events was confirmed, that week in January was going to be the most convenient. With weather and other activates I had planned, Friday was the day. I had decided that drab was going to be the attire for this first encounter as we were going to meet at a nearby coffee shop mid-morning. Michelle had suggested some other options (possibly for our next time), but for a first time, this was the simplest.

We exchanged additional emails describing what we would be wearing (distinctive jackets) so that we could recognize one another and a time was set.

It was interesting, that during the drive to the meeting, I was more nervous than I had been the previous day when I had been out in public as Michelle for the first time in years.

I pulled into the parking lot and recognized Michelle’s jacket right away as she got out of her car, gave a honk of the horn and a wave. Later she mentioned that if it had not been for the jacket I was wearing, she would not have recognized my male self from my female persona. So anyway, she bought me a coffee and we retreated to my car so we could speak freely on any subject (I don’t think this coffee shop is quite ready for what we were about to talk about…lol).

I don’t think I can accurately describe the feeling I had during the following hour and a half. It was a feeling of freedom; to discuss crossdressing with someone similar to myself, about our experiences, family and society. It was something that I have never experienced before. Talking to another guy about women’s’ clothing, make-up, etc, with no reservations, was like a weight being lifted off my chest. But unfortunately the time went all too quickly.

 A great big thanks to Michelle for driving up my way and allowing me to meet her (and buying me a coffee). I really hope I can take her up on her offer and suggestions for further get-togethers.



  1. Ali

    I haven’t had this opportunity yet, to meet locally with like minds. There’s a thriving LGBT community nearby, but they tend heavily towards the LB end. Gotta keep searching, I guess! Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Your welcome Ali. Keep searching, we’re out there somewhere.

  2. For such a lovely looking woman why shouldn’t you go for coffee.
    My brunchs normally include a lovely woman who is into astronomy even more than me and we are either talking about stars, sub-atomic particals, new science or fashion. Our last meeting at a large shopping mall, we also visited clothes stores and tried on some new dresses & skirts – fun times

    • Thanks Rachel…one of these days I’m sure Michelle will make it out for coffee.

  3. oh, I also just have my first face to face meeting with another crossdresser. Although we dressed like men at that time

  4. Hello Michelle, meeting others locally is always fun for me too.
    I have a event coming up in April, and I sure can’t wait!
    The first one is always the hardest…especially when your in girl mode.

  5. What a wonderful thought! Maybe I should take time to meet with other CDs? ❤

    Somehow, I always imagined it would be more exciting to meet with my female friends en femme. Have you ever tried that?

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