Monthly Archives: November, 2012

Trains, Planes and Cd’ing: Some Hobby comparisons

All of my HO train stuff is in boxes. All of my aeroplane kits are in boxes. All of my girl stuff is in boxes. I haven’t played with ‘toy’ trains in some time. I haven’t built an aircraft model in some time. I haven’t dressed in some time. One can feel guilty about spending …

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Transgender Nova Scotians’ legal rights will soon be made clear in law.

Updated 02 Dec 12 On the 1st Dec 2012, Bill 140 passed with unanimous support in the Nova Scotia Legislature. There was no debate, just full on support for this amendment. When I first posted this a week of so back, it was just as I came across it in the media. I found it …

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Confliction and doubts.

Well, I have once again returned to my overseas place of employment after spending a busy (as usual) time at home with the family. No major project this time, just Thanksgiving (Canada ah), time spent volunteering at the local rink and high school hockey tournament, getting the house and vehicles ready for the inevitable east …

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