Just an August update

Well, not much of a post this time, just a quick update.

I’ve been back at work for a couple of weeks now and still have a couple of sore muscles from my time at home. I had not planned on or expected any Michelle time due to the fact it is summer (I currently only dress during the colder months) and the huge projects that required my full male attention. I enjoy building stuff and get a great satisfaction of doing it myself. In two and a half weeks I; leveled ground and erected a 27’ above ground pool, built an 8’ wide deck around ¼ of it, removed 128 2’x2’ patio stones and replaced them with a 16’x32’ deck that tied into the pool deck and an existing deck and finally….enjoyed the pool with the kids!:)

Dressing never even crossed my mind. And I’m ok with that. For me, it’s not all about crossdressing. It’s about living. I am a guy, who has a great family, who I want to be happy, that I would do anything for. Michelle will be able to make an appearance when the time is right. In the meantime, I will continue to explore strange new blogs, seek out others experience and boldly go………I can’t make that quite work….oh well, lost my train of thought.


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