Observation from my last post

So, it’s been quite some time since my last post, so much so I had to re-read what I had written. As I said then, I was going to keep an eye on how much time I spent thinking or reading about crossdressing. Well, as it turns out since that last post, not a lot.

During my last time at home, I had a very full schedule of spring chores. Change winter tires, prepare lawn mower, ready garden and attend multiple kids’ events every weekend. Dad stuff. No Michelle time. But, though disappointed at the time, I have no remorse that I was unable to dress. I was having too much fun with the family. Yes, I was busy. In fact I was kind of looking forward to getting back to work overseas for a break..lol. But that didn’t happen either. I have been so busy the last number of weeks that after supper I would return to my room and just want to veg in front of my television empowered laptop and watch a movie or tv show. I had very little interest in checking on my blog or looking at my flickr account.  Only in the last week or so have I had time for my mind to wander and a rekindled interest in the internet (and discovered I have some catch-up reading to do).

So I have found that, for myself, if I am busy either physically or mentally, I have no time (or will, or lust or whatever) to pursue my crossdressing interests. This is not necessary a bad thing as now I get to do some re-discovery, keeps things interesting.

After a lengthy time away from CD thought, I only have another couple of weeks before I head home again in which to post some blogs. I know for a fact, Michelle will not be making any appearance until at least the fall, maybe not even until the winter. But again, that’s just one part of who I am.


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