Thinking about crossdressing. How much is too much?

As I prepare to head home after my most resent employment cycle overseas, I look forward to a very full schedule of family activities. I am, as usual, anticipating some time to dress. Fingers crossed.

As there is not a lot to do during my free time, while deployed, I have found that I am spending more and more time exploring the internet for sites, blogs etc related to crossdressing.  What is starting to concern me is the amount of time I am now devoting to this.

Just to clarify; I am a guy, I like being a guy. I like being a dad and a husband. I do not want to be a woman full time (I would be lying if I said I had not fantasized about this possibility…giggle), just sometimes when the urge, or planned urge, hits me.

I have read that if an individual such as myself, with the guy/girl relationship I have internally, starts to let crossdressing dominate their lives, this could lead to an unhealthy external relationship. An infatuation that could distract one from the normal routine. I am pretty sure this will not happen to me as I believe that identifying this factor is a good indicator that I can control this.

So, how much is too much? Is three to four hours a night, every night too much? Maybe it should be limited to one or two hours a night with a night off once in a while….don‘t log on to any of these sites?

This is something I will keep an eye on the next time I’m back at work, sitting alone in my accommodations.  In the meantime, when I get home, I’m not going to have any such thing as “free time”



  1. Life is never as easy as our fantasies would have us believe. (Bummer!) Spending three to four hours a night tells me something about you, but hey; I’m not a professional psychologist.

    However, as an occasional crossdresser myself, though you may not have the desire to be a woman, you certainly must wish, yearn, or psychologically require that which is something most people would fail to understand; and I’m with you on that!

    In any case, it must be very difficult to be the man, father and husband you are comfortable with, as well as dress so astonishingly lady like as you do without some dreamy emotional desire (at the time of dressing) to be the woman you disguise yourself as? Amazing!

    Please understand I’m not being critical here. I have and in some respects remain in the very spot you find yourself. Husband, father and Escape Artist. I don’t see it as wrong for indulging in our imaginative meanderings, is a wonderful thing.

    I hope I am not misinterpreting what you are saying here, but as a crossdresser myself with a messed up history and childhood, three to four hours sounds to me like a lot of time when one is in a relationship. I will give you this; given your time away from home coupled with an inclination to dress in the “unconventional” manner, you may be torn between the “apparel identify” we all go though, the time spent away from home and the love of wife and family.

    To sum up. If you question the hours spent; you have questions only you can answer. Just know I and many others are with you. But a wife and children always cone first over desire or imagination.

    By the way, does your wife know about this imaginative world?
    Take care of yourself and I hope to hear from you …… Know that I have and am living in the world in which you reside.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Just found your site and enjoyed reading about you and your take on this interesting hobby of ours. I look forward to reading more!


  3. It is funny how we think about things. For me I find if I don’t dress then I think about it a lot more. I think it is the going without that makes this happen. Kind of if you really like ice cream and want some but don’t eat it you will think about it more and want it more and then when you do eat it you will probably eat too much. Same for crossdressing at least for me. I set 2 nights a week and if something special comes up more for Susan. that being said yes I am on the computer more for Susan than my male self but that is just because Susan has a bigger presents on the internet
    Just my thoughts. Buy the way I like your blog.

    • Thanks for you comments Susan.
      I’ve really started to learn something about myself since starting my blog. And there is much more to learn, from everybody.

  4. I find that I go through phases where I will dress a lot and then not so often. When I get back into it I tend to really get back into then it sort of fades away. I learned to set some time aside just to dress and read etc. to maintain a normal balance and really enjoy these times then let them go. I also enjoy fishing but I can’t do that everyday so I enjoy my time on the lake and then pack it away.

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