Last solo outing

So, after my enjoyable experience out of Duluth, I pretty much returned to the closet. I did however over the next couple of years manage some appearances at Halloween and a couple of other events. These I will cover separately when I discuss “Who knows? Who suspects?”

As time passed, I was able to get my hands on some alternate mens magazines. In the back of one I found an ad for a place in Toronto that catered to our needs, The Wild Side. I made arrangements to have a make-up session (as I was drove through TO on the way down east) but unfortunately it was Easter weekend and they were closing early so I was unable to spend too much time there. There was one other gurl there, I believe her name was Janet from just across the border, and she invited me out to go get a drink just a couple of blocks away at a TG friendly eclectic restaurant. Everything in this place was a one off. We ended up meeting another gurl (in drab as Wild Side was already close) and his daughter and had a nice chat. Although this outing boosted my confidence, I declined the invite to go visit a CD friendly lesbian bar (don’t know why I did that, I’m still kicking myself for not going). Janet dropped me off back at my hotel and off through the lobby I walked….and nobody really paid any attention to my…yay.

I was now feeling a lot more confident in getting out as Michelle. On the last day of my journey, I again left my hotel room enfem for that days drive. I don’t recall the checkout, so it was obviously not that scary. I stopped at a nearby convenience store and bought some snack food and drink for the drive. The girl at the cash didn’t seem to bat and eye as I hushly said “thank-you” as she handed me my bag of shopping.

Along the way, about midday, the highway passed a mall on the outskirts of a city. I thought this was a good time to stretch my legs and headed onto the Sears end of the mall. I used the restroom, and then started to brows the ladies section. One sales lady came over and asked if I needed any help. I replied “No thanks, just looking”, she turned and went back to arranging stock.”Wow, this is going well”. I ended up in the bra department where two young women joined my, “oh crap, I didn’t want to get this close to other women”. Fortunately they separated from each other a bit, when one shouts out to the other “what bra size are you?” …gasp…thank goodness there were no guys around, I would have been embarrassed if my girl friend had asked me that in front of a guy…lol. Too bad I didn’t buy anything.

Later, I had to get gas. It was windy and cold, but being an independent woman, I pumped my own. Due to the strong winds, the door was a bit of a struggle to open to get into the gas station, but after paying and using the ladies room, one of the gas attendants (male) held the door open for me as I left. That’s better.

About an hour from my destination, I pulled over and faded back to drab. It was a very happy experience and one that I fondly remember.

Here is how I looked during that last solo drive back in ’93.

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time.


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