Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Thinking about crossdressing. How much is too much?

As I prepare to head home after my most resent employment cycle overseas, I look forward to a very full schedule of family activities. I am, as usual, anticipating some time to dress. Fingers crossed. As there is not a lot to do during my free time, while deployed, I have found that I am …

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Last solo outing

So, after my enjoyable experience out of Duluth, I pretty much returned to the closet. I did however over the next couple of years manage some appearances at Halloween and a couple of other events. These I will cover separately when I discuss “Who knows? Who suspects?” As time passed, I was able to get …

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Getting out while Crossdressed

My first number of outings aren’t really much to write about, but I’m going to anyway, after all, this is my blog. I do hope though that you stick around and that it does provide a bit of entertainment, if you don’t have anything more pressing to do that is. Unlike a number of stories …

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