A real surprise eye opener, a CD in the paper!

Monday Jan 24th 1983 was a day my heart leaped with excitement. I had to take a quick look around to see if anybody noticed the look of surprise on my face as I read the paper.

I was sitting watching evening tv in the family room of the home where I was boarding (while attending NAIT) and leafing through the Edmonton Sun, when I turned the page and there was an article about Transvestism! Right there, in the paper! It was the second part of a two part story. I could not believe my eyes. I read it with interest and re-read it again. This was the first time that I had read anything that seemed applicable to me. This was what I was feeling, this is what I was. Anything that I had read up until now was from psychology books, this was real world.

A look around the house that evening for the Sunday copy of the paper proved to be in vain. I had to wait ‘til mid week before I could get to the library and hunt down a back issue and make a copy.

And I still have the articles today.

I don’t know how long I would have gone, not knowing what was going on with me, if it had not been for these articles. Thank you “James” for having the guts to come forward those many years ago.  I hope your openness was also able to help others find themselves.  M.


  1. Robyn

    It might be interesting to see where “James” is at today, almost 30 years later…

  2. I think we all can relate to this. Thinking we are the only ones doing this and wondering why. So great to learn there are others and especially meet them.

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