Well, after a couple of failed attempts to get a new blog written, it seems I have eventually been successful.

Since returning to work in this desert paradise, not, I have been extremely busy and only now found time to write. Although I had grandiose plans for my time at home, bedroom and basement  renos, family time and some Michelle time, I ended-up spending more quality time with my family and delayed some of those building projects ‘til next time. Michelle was also only able to make a brief appearance, a few hours one day, with not a lot of dressing, more like, just to keep in practice with make-up and mind state. I took some hurried pictures, but only a couple turned out any good.

Although Michelle couldn’t be around much, something I had read a while back made me think of trying the same thing. Wearing one article of female clothing for an extended period of time, in this case, a bra.

I have had a demi-bra in my collection for some time but don’t normally wear it. I don’t know if I’m imagining things or if the soy milk is having an effect, but I have found that with the additional padding inserted into the demi bra pockets, I have some cleavage. Without the padding, the bra sits quite flat against my chest but still seems to provide some support and is very comfortable.

I trialed wearing it around the house for a couple of days while wearing a t-shirt and sweat shirt. None of the family noticed. I then wondered how long I could continuously wear this bra and take it the next step, outside the house.

As it turned out, six days, hence the title. Other than removing it to shower, I felt very good while wearing it. I had worn it for a couple of days at home prior to taking my eldest son to a four day hockey tournament. I always wore a baggy sweater or jacket (for those who don’t know about community hockey rinks, you dress for the inside cold, not the outside temperature). The one thing I did become conscious of and had to be careful of, was how I adjusted the straps, you know, how they sometimes slide a bit down your shoulder. It seemed to be coming second nature. I would catch myself putting my thumb under my shirt collar and adjusting the strap, realize that other people where around me and cover up the motion by pretending to have an itchy shoulder.

After having completed this little “experiment” I felt almost naked without my bra. What a strange feeling. Something I would like to experience again. 🙂


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  1. I find that ‘underdressing’ helps keep me connected to the Pat in me. I wear pantyhose and panties almost daily. In the cooler weather when I can wear a sweater or heavier, office casual, shirt I will wear a bra and/or slip/cami. With occasional reglarity I will wear sleep in a bra, often with my breat forms in place to avoid strap slippage. I find that partial dressing helps keep the CD urge in check.

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