Blog Break

Over the next four weeks I will be very busy with the “Honey Do” list. I will be spending a great deal of quality time with my family, be getting covered in drywall dust, using muscles I haven’t used in a long time to lay flooring, but, there is hope that Michelle will be able to surface if only for a short period of time. I also have to find an old newspaper clipping I know I have stashed away somewhere, for use in my next blog.

I’m also hoping to try something. I’m hoping Michelle might be able to help out with some of the tasks, maybe painting. Is this something anybody else has done or ever considered doing, getting dressed, not to the nines, but dressed to work enfemme on jobs that you could have done in guy mode? I’ll let you know if I am successful.


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  1. Pat Scales

    I am just now finding your wonderful blog.
    I thought I would answer your question about dressing to work around the house.
    Go for it.
    I am a still emerging older CD. While I have long known of my desires to dress I have not been able to act on the desire while my wonderful wife and I were raising our family. During those years the only dressing I could do was while on a businesss trip but that was not easy and after 9//11 travel by air presented other issues.
    Several years ago after the kids were in college my wife, who knows that I like to dress but is well less than a fan of the practice, wanted to wash all of the walls in the house. I quipped that it would be more fun for me to do this task if I were dressed as a maid. I did not have a maid’s outfit but dressed in a spandex slip and skirt along with pantyhose and comfortable sandals with a 3″ clunky heel. I did full makeup and wig. After the job was done I redid my makeup, rearranged my wig, slipped into a nice dress and enjoyed a wonderful relaxing evening.
    We both seemed to realize that this could be a workable solution. I got to spend the day while dressed and she had washed walls. Dressing for other household chores such as vacuuming also started to fall into the program.
    She is a great cook but hated the chopping, dicing, cleaning of meats and veggies. It turned out that it bacame convenient for her and enjoyable for me for the “spare wife” to get into the kitchen.
    Now in cooler weather i typically devote one weekend afternoon to cooking. I now make great soups, a real good pasta sauce and several other dishes.
    My wife still balks at me going out of the house and she still has major reservations over the chance that my ‘secret’ will become known but after all these years I think that she realizes that the ‘femme’ part of my personality is a part of who I am and on balance is a good thing to have.
    I have been enjoying your blog and may comment again from time to time.

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