Soya Milk Fun.

I will continue to add to my personal experiences shortly. I the mean time, hope this little ditty is entertaining.

The following is real. All participants are doing it in good humor.

As I have mentioned before, my employment keeps me from home for a couple of months at a time. The food establishments that we eat at (and there are a number of them), each have their own “theme” varying from Asian, European to North American. One thing in common though is how easy it can be to over eat, and consume a lot of unhealthy food stuffs. In my personal challenge to eat healthy this time, (more fruit, veg and low fat), I found a couple of locations where soya milk was available along with the traditional fare of water, juice and pop (soda).

My co-worker (supervisor) who is a self proclaimed food critic with his own food blog, took it upon himself to do some “research” on soya milk. The one article that he decided to link to in his blog had to do with a guy who had experience some wicked side effects of consuming large amounts of soya. Google “Effect of Soya on men” to see all the (what I believe to be) positives and negatives of this food.

Of course the one thing that he latched onto is the side effect of breast enlargement and he wouldn’t listen to any other arguments that I put forth reference its health benefits. Whenever I drink the stuff now, I get a friendly ribbing from the gang that I’m eating with, wanting to know how my boob’s are developing (This is not why I’m drinking soya, despite being a CD…….but a slight increase wouldn’t be Anyway, the one woman who works with us even went so far as to say that I needed to start wearing a training bra before thing developed too much as I “would need to get use to fiddling with the straps”….ah, bra straps……love fiddling with those bra straps… Sorry L, (as I chuckle to myself) no need to “get use to them”. If only they knew how close to home this hit!

So, I think I could pull off wearing a bra, once, going along with the joke, but not as everyday wear…that would be just …weird…lol.


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