Close call in the Blogosphere

This is probably something that those who have experience in the blogosphere have already experienced or is aware of, but for me, it was a lesson that was too close for comfort.

I will now always remember to UN-CHECK the “Stay Connected” or “Stay Logged In” options on any social or blog site that I may be visiting.

I had a recent experience where I was reading my male Face Book page and clicked a link to my supervisors blog page. He had made some reference to me that I had to respond to, so I posted a comment and signed it with my usual single initial. His blog is also hosted by Word Press. As I reviewed my post and moved the curser to submit my comment, I suddenly realized that my Michelle picture was right there! I had earlier logged onto WP to check my blog and had not thought anything else about it. I was not thinking about any cross-contamination as I had been on my male site for some time.

Not that I don’t think he would have a problem with my crossdressing at home (he is open minded and one of his daughters is a lesbian…), it’s the others who I know read his blog that may not be so receptive.

Lesson learned.


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