Hello world!

Well, there is an interesting default title for a first time blogger. Something that I wish Michelle might be able to say. But for now, she will remain a bit of a recluse, only known to a few.

I decided to start a blog, so that I could record the stories of that part of my life that have remained hidden.

It’s a part on me that, as we CD/TV types know, wants out, but for the most part are unable to share or express openly.

So, here is the basic info. I’m a happily married straight crossdresser and have just passed one of those major birthday milestones…the one now described as the “new 40”. Married 17 years, four kids and recently retired after 20+ years of service to the Great White North. My wife knows about Michelle but has not seen her for a while. My current work situation keeps me away from home 2/3rds of the time, so when I am home, my priority is to the family as a father and a husband, leaving little time for Michelle.

When Michelle is able to appear, I like to look as passible as possible and be accepted in the real world as just another woman. I haven’t been out and about for some time, but will, in time, tell these stories. So hopefully, in the not too distant future, I will be able put fingers to keyboard and get these stories out there.

Thanks for the interest.


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